PhD and postdoctoral fellows and research assistants

A number of PhD and postdoctoral fellows and research assistants are involved in the project:


Aarhus University

  • Katja Glejsted Ingstrup (PhD) has a background as a Registered Nurse and has a Master’s Degree in Health Science. Her PhD project investigates the associations between maternal prenatal stress exposure and the risk of congenital malformations in the offspring.


  • Natalie Momen (PhD) has a Master’s Degree in Public Health, and experience in epidemiology and health services research. Her PhD project focuses on early life risk factors for childhood cancer.


  • Xiao Qin Liu (PhD) has a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology and experience in epidemiology. Her PhD project focuses on early life risk factors for childhood asthma.


  • Oleguer Plana Ripoll (PhD) has a Master’s Degree in Statistics and has gained experience with observational studies and clinical trials in recent years. He is now doing a PhD in Epidemiology, studying the relationship between prenatal stress due to maternal bereavement and fertility impairments in the offspring.


  • Yongfu Yu (PhD) has a Master’s Degree in Biostatistics and has gained experience in data manipulation, data analysis, data mining and clinical trials. He is now doing a PhD in Epidemiology and focuses on exploring the association between prenatal stress exposure and health service use in early decades of life.


  • Beibei Xu (Postdoc) has a PhD Degree in Public Health. She has research experience in health services research, physical functioning, nutritional epidemiology, focusing on the prevention and consequences of obesity, dietary patterns, food security, gerontology, eating disorders, prenatal stress, and medical informatics.


  • Hong Liang (Postdoc) has a PhD Degree in Epidemiology. Her project is about the association between early life stress (bereavement) and psychiatric health.


  • Jasveer Virk (Postdoc) is trained in epidemiology and international maternal and child's health. Her research focuses on reproductive and early childhood outcomes, including mental health and foetal programming.


  • Hu Yang (Research Assistant) has a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, and now his doctoral major is statistics. He has experience in software developing, data integration and data analysis. His project focuses on analysing the GP and hospitalization data, and statistical modelling for high dimensional data. 


  • Wenjia Meng (Research Assistant) is an MSc in Public Health and she has a great interest in doing research in reproductive health, maternal health, and epidemiology. She is examining the association between the loss of a sibling in early childhood and subsequent mortality risk.


  • Xiujuan Su (Research Assistant) has a Master’s Degree in epidemilogy and research experience in perinatal epidemilogy, focusing on the effect of passive smoking and electromagnetic field on the maternal and infant health. She is now doing research on the association between early life stress (bereavement) and psychiatric health.


Karolinska Institute

  • Krisztina László (Postdoc) has experience with studies regarding the association between psychosocial factors and cardiovascular, reproductive and mental health.